WWE is one of the most favorite PPV sports entertainment in the continental US! Though WWE is an American company, the shows like WWE Raw and Smackdown have an audience all through the world. They have a huge fanbase, and Roku is the sweet streaming device it is, has a way for us to stream all of the programs and updates from the company. Learn how to watch WWE Network on Roku.

The WWE has a native application for itself in Roku, which you can use to stream the events, backstage interviews and other things that happen in the WWE universe, as and when they happen. The application being a paid one, you can watch PPV events for free from the application. In this piece, we will let you know how to search for the application and will let you know how to download the same.

WWE Network on Roku

How to search for the channel?

Roku has all of its channel applications listed in the Roku channel store. So, to search for the channel application starts there. Go to the store, and click on the Roku search bar to watch WWE Network on Roku. In there, you can enter the keywords corresponding to the channel that you are searching for, and download the same.

  1. In this case, since we are looking to download the WWE network on Roku application, possible keywords are WWE, wrestling and a few aligned keywords.
  2. From the search results, search for the WWE network channel and select the channel.
  3. After the channel is highlighted, please select the menu button on the side.
  4. Download and install the application.
  5. Once you select the same, please wait for the application to download itself and get

How to activate WWE Network on Roku?

Well, the activation process is a lot easier than the installation. For two reasons. One, you will have to create a WWE Network account, to be able to sign in to your WWE Network application from your Roku device. The second thing is to activate the channel from roku.com/activate URL.

To create a WWE account, all you have to do is simply go to the WWE network website and create a new account. Once you are there, you will have to furnish a few things to create a new account. One, your first name and second name, your contact information and your country information. If you furnish all this, you will be asked to furnish your login ID and the preferred password. These two will serve as the login credentials that you will use to login to your WWE application in your Roku device.

Now that you have a WWE account, please go ahead and enter the URL, roku.com/activation. Meanwhile, go to the channel list, and open WWE network on Roku channel. You can note the code and enter the activation code on the browser window.

This, is how you activate WWE Network on Roku. If you have any questions on how to download other channels, or if you have any issues with activating the channel itself, visit Go.Roku.com/selectinput or you can call us via our toll-free number +1-844-370-7600!

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