TCL Roku TVs are wonderful pieces of entertainment equipment. These are TV units with the Roku devices inbuilt, so you can enjoy all of the features that come with Roku, without the pain of having to go through the setup of a Roku device!

TCL TVs are affordable compared to competitor devices with inbuilt streaming devices. As an addition, TCL TV supports HDR resolution, so that helps you too! Another amazing advantage of owning a TCL TV is the flexibility of use. Of course, the remote that comes with TCL TV does amazing things, but what if I were to lose the remote? Learn how to control TCL Roku TV remote codes here.

TCL Roku TV Remote Codes

Which buttons do I assign a remote code to?

You can assign a few functionalities of your TCL remote to your universal remote, or cable remote as well. Of course, the remotes wouldn’t be able to control the TV as extensively as a native remote, but it sure helps to have some remote to control your TV. For this, you’d need to assign the features using the TCL Roku TV remote codes.

Before we look at the codes, here are the possible buttons to which you cannot assign a function to, and the ones that you can. On primary grounds, you can bind the power key, input control key and the volume keys to their respective functions. When you go to more sophisticated buttons, you have the option to bind keys like back, home, up, down, right, left, replay, options (or star button), play/pause, reverse scan, and forward scan as well!

Please note that the remote providers will have to provide TCL with these codes, and if you don’t find your manufacturer here, please let know your manufacturer, and let them co-ordinate with TCL and give you a code.

You will have to enter these codes to configure the remotes manufactured by the above said respective companies. If your manufacturer is not listed, then please ask them about it and get the situation sorted.

TCL remote – How good is it compared to the traditional remotes?

Well, TCL Remotes – not the ones you activate via TCL Roku TV Remote codes – but the authentic TCL Remotes have IR, so you can really point anywhere while trying to operate your TV. You can also use the voice query service in certain models. Another additional feature is the private listening one. It’s no available in all of the TCL Roku TV models, of course, but it is available in some of the models.

What else do I use as an alternative to the TCL Remotes?

Well, as an alternative to any of the Roku device remotes, you can use the Roku application on your phone. You can only control the Roku’s functionalities.

If you need any help with understanding how this works or need help with the key binding using TCL Roku TV Remote codes, visit or please call us +1-844-370-7600 and we’ll help you.

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