Spectrum TV app is a wonderful application that lets you stream lots of series and movies. This application is available in a lot of devices. Here is a list of devices that you can stream Spectrum TV application from and how to troubleshoot Spectrum TV App Error 1001 error.

  1. Smart TVs.
  2. Android devices.
  3. Apple devices.
  4. Streaming devices like Roku.
  5. Chromecast
  6. Fire Stick

You can even download the Spectrum TV application from your Android or iOS mobile devices, and you can stream the channel from them.

If Spectrum TV application has all the favorite series and movies, what’s the downside about it? Well, there is one error that Spectrum TV app runs in to very often than they’d like to admit. Spectrum TV app Error 1001.

Spectrum TV App Error 1001

What is Spectrum TV app Error 1001?

This error code has to do with latency and slowness of the application. If the application, or the internet that the application runs on is slower, then you might receive a 1001 error. To solve this, there are quite a few troubleshoots that you can try. But before that, how will you know that your application is not performing?

The other applications are working, only the Spectrum app isn’t streaming the programs that you want, you see a black screen, you have a latency in the audio video sync. These are possibly a few indicators that your Spectrum TV application is at an error.

There might even be an error message telling “Spectrum App ran into a 1001 error”, and then you can be sure of it.

How to troubleshoot?

Now that you are sure that your Spectrum TV app has error 1001, you will need to know how to troubleshoot it.

The first step in troubleshooting is to try and check if you have a stable internet connection. To make sure of this, we recommend you to switch off the modem, or at the least, disconnect it from your streaming device or your TV, and leave it unplugged for some time. After that, please reconnect your streaming device to the internet.

Restarting your device

If this does not work, you can restart the device. Please unplug all power lines, and connections to other devices, and then reconnect to the internet and to the streaming device.

Reinstall your Spectrum TV app

If both of these don’t work, try to reinstall the application. Go to your Roku channel store and remove the application from your channel list by uninstalling the application. After you do that, restart your device, and then go to the Roku channel store.

  1. In the Roku channels store, search for spectrum TV application.
  2. After you get the search results for the spectrum TV application, please select the right Spectrum TV application.
  3. Once the channel is highlighted, click on the option to download the application.
  4. After download, let the application install itself and find if there are any drivers or softwares it needs to update.
  5. After this installation, you should open the Spectrum TV application and log into your Spectrum TV account.

Delete and reopen your Spectrum TV account

In some cases, there are chances that your latency issue is because of the account settings. So, first, try to revert everything back to factory settings. In your Spectrum application, all the changes you’ve made to how it operates will be reverted.

But even if this does not work, you will probably have to close your account and open a new one. The problem with this one is the payment you’ve made towards the application and transferring the payment to the new account that you open. For this, you can contact a technical support engineer at the Spectrum application and explain to him the Spectrum TV app error 1001 that you are facing, and tell them you need to close your account and open a new one.

If you are just starting out, and if you haven’t made any payments towards the application, then you can simply open a new account and login to this new account in your streaming device.

troubleshoot the spectrum error

How to open a Spectrum TV app account to overcome error 1001?

Go to the Spectrum TV website, and click on the manage account. From there, click on the create an account. You will have to provide your name, contact number and a few more personal information that the channel will need. After you do that, you will set up your credentials to be able to login.

After you do that, you login to your account in the streaming device. These steps should help you solve the Spectrum TV app error 1001.

If the error still persists, please let us know and we’ll help you solve it. We will help you troubleshoot the problems and help you stream your favorite shows from Spectrum TV. Visit our hub Go.roku.com/selectinput. Our toll-free number is +1-844-370-7600, and we’re 24*7.

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