Spectrum application is one of the most easily available online streaming services. Spectrum alone allows you to access almost 80+ channels. But it does not stop there. They also allow you to rent out over 350+ DVRs and have over 25000+ hours worth on-demand content.

You can stream them whenever you want, but that just scratched the surface of what Spectrum offers. Spectrum allows you to stream these on-demand content from any of the devices as well.

  1. Smart TVs
  2. Streaming devices.
  3. iOS and Android phones.
  4. Tablets
  5. Laptops

Since Spectrum allows you to download their application and watch the content that they offer, Spectrum application is really popular.

Spectrum Error Code RLC-1000

All this, and they still haven’t fixed a few long-lasting bugs in their application. Especially with Roku! Yes, Spectrum Error Code RLC-1000 is one of the most commonly reported bug by the users of Spectrum application, via Roku. There is no permanent solution because the app developers have to fix, but there is however a lot of work around that’ll help you sidestep this error code.

What does RLC-1000 spectrum mean?

The most important reason Spectrum application runs into this error is a volatile, unstable internet connection. This might result in some latency.

To make sure that the issue is with the spectrum application and not your Roku device, which is highly unlikely, see if you can open other streaming application from your Roku. Try opening other channels, and they work fine, it is obvious that the issue is with the Spectrum application.

How to troubleshoot Spectrum Error Code RLC-1000?

The first option is to reset your internet connection obviously. Because the error itself means that the channel cannot connect to its servers because of poor internet connection, to resolve that should be the priority.

  1. As the first alternative, please check if you can switch off both your Roku device and your WiFi router. Let them be for around fifteen seconds and then resume the connection.
  2. If this does not work, please disconnect your Roku from the internet.After this, try and reconnect to the same WiFi.
  3. As the last resort, you will have to reset the entire connection as check if that works. Meaning, you will have to disconnect the TV, Roku and the internet connection from each other and reconnect them again.

Spectrum TV application | Reinstalling Spectrum

If you tried all of that, but the connection is still buggy or if you still have the same Spectrum Error Code RLC-1000 code, then please consider moving the Roku device and the WiFi router closer to each other. Meaning, reduce the number of obstacles between these two and keep them as close to each other as possible. If you have a roku Streaming Stick, or a Streaming Stick plus, you will have a separate device called the AWR device that’ll help you connect to the internet easier by improving the range of the device.

If none of these troubleshoots worked, as the last resort, you will have to reinstall the channel. After uninstalling the channel, go to the search bar and search for the Spectrum channel. From the search result, choose to download and install the spectrum application.

Because the app that you download must have all the bug fixes and all the latest software updates, it should ideally stop throwing the Spectrum Error Code RLC-1000. So, please let us know your questions about Spectrum and Roku, and the toll-free number is +1-844-370-7600 and we’re open 24*7. Visit Go.roku.com/selectinput for more updates.

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