Roku Shows Network Connectivity Issues – Roku Wi-Fi Password Problem

The Roku streaming player offers its users access to stream audio and video from the network. Most importantly, for this to perform well, the users must have a stable internet connection from the Roku device to the home network and from the home network to the internet.

Once after connecting to the wireless network, the users can face the Roku wifi password problem. This can happen when the user enters the WiFi password wrongly. Further, it can even occur while providing the wrong name of the network. But what can be its solutions? Coming up is information on how to fix the Roku wifi password not working issue.

Roku wifi password problem

Roku Wi-Fi Password Problem

Make use of the below guidelines to solve this error on the Roku device:

At First, Check For The Connection

How to check the connection?

  • If the users need to verify the connection, navigate to the Settings menu on the Roku device.
  • At first, move to Settings and choose the Network.
  • Further, verify the link to perform a two-part test.
  • The first part verifies for a connection to the home network and checks the quality of the signal.
  • The second part checks that connection to the network and measures the speed of that connection.
  • Moreover, if the signal strength or network speed is low, the users will be offered on-screen instructions to resolve the Roku wifi password not working issue.

Enter The Network Password Correctly 

  • First of all, while connecting the Roku device to the internet, the users must enter the correct password.
  • Making mistakes while keying in the password can arise issues like the Roku wifi password problem.
  • Besides, ensure that there are no connectivity issues; if so, the Roku device will not update and shall not provide the activation code.

How To Fix The Connectivity Issues?

Provide The Correct Name For The Wireless Network

  • Firstly, choosing the incorrect wireless network name will make the wireless network connection to fail.
  • Moreover, If not sure that the Roku device is linked to the correct network, get assistance searching the wireless network name.

Key In The Password Correctly

  • Entering the wrong password can be one primary reason for the Roku wifi password problem.
  • Knowing the wireless password, but it is not working, make sure to re-enter it.
  • Further, it is simple to commit errors while entering the password and keep in mind that network passwords are case sensitive.
  • Make sure to use the shift key on Roku on-screen keyboard to key in a capital letter.

Verify To See That The Wireless Router Is Working Correctly

  • Firstly, using the computer or mobile device links to the home network and tries to access the internet by launching a public site.
  • Similarly, if you can link to the network from another device, the wireless router is successfully offering internet access, and the users can proceed with the next step.

Make Sure To Increase The Wireless Signal Strength

On the other hand, if the If the password is correct and other devices can launch the router, but the Roku device can still link to the wireless network, the issue is with the strength of the wireless signal.

The wireless signal gets weaker when the Roku device is far from the wireless router, and more obstacles between the router and the Roku device.

Finally, Restart The Roku Device And The Wireless Router

Restart the Roku player

  • At first, visit Settings, choose System, and opt for the System restart option.
  • Further, restart the Roku TV, navigate to Settings, select System, select Power, and select System restart.
  • Or else disconnect the Roku device from the electrical outlet, keep calm for some time, and then reattach it.

Restart the wireless router. 

  • The users can verify the instructions from the ISP or router vendor.
  • Moreover, In some instances, the users can simply disconnect it and link it back, or it can need holding a reset button on the device.

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