Connect Roku To Wireless Router

With sustained capability and affordability, Roku streaming devices remain at the top position amid other competitors. Coming up with a quad-core processor, it helps in better viewing of high-quality contents seamlessly. You just need a strong internet connection and that’s it, you are now able to access worldwide entertaining contents using your remote.

Roku is offering both wired and wireless connection to its users. Based on the comfort, the user can choose any one of the network connection to load the contents. In the wireless connection category, many users are stumbling with some kind of troubles, which are due to external factors and also the user’s mistakes. So, we are coming up with some easy steps for Roku setup with wireless router. Follow the steps, connect your player and enjoy streaming your favorite shows.

Roku Setup With Wireless Router

Roku Setup With Wireless Router

Roku Setup Requirements

You need the following prerequisites to begin the setup process,

  • A stable internet network connection, it can be either an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. But also note that some of the Roku models don’t support Ethernet connection, so check out and use the right option
  • Roku remote, coming up with two types Roku standard IR remote and point it anywhere model
  • A compatible television for Roku streaming device
  • Batteries for remote
  • HDMI cable extender to connect your television and Roku player
  • If you are using older television models, you must need composition cable input
  • Power cord and power adapter

Steps for Roku Setup with Wireless Router

If you want to choose the wireless mode for network connection, then follow the below steps to connect with your router,

  • In the first place, connect your Roku player and television using the HDMI cable. Insert the high speed HDMI cable end to an appropriate port in the television and select the inserted port in the TV menu.
  • Turn on your streaming player and television and wait until the initialization process
  • After a while, you will land on a Roku home menu. Move on to ‘settings’ option and select the network option using your Roku remote
  • Choose the ‘wireless’ mode option and click to add the wireless network
  • Turn on your router and select your network name from the available list in your TV
  • Once you select the network name, it will ask for the Wi-Fi password
  • Navigate to the virtual keyboard, enter your password and click submit/continue button
  • The moment after connection, your Roku device will search for the latest available software update and starts to download


Most of the users fail in this Roku setup with wireless router connection only, because of some external factors and user mistakes.

  • Ensure you have selected the right network name from your available networks
  • Check out your router is working properly or not and providing enough signal strength to load the contents

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