Roku is one of the most famous streaming devices, and not for no reason at all! One of the most important reasons for this popularity is easily the abundance of content available. Roku, to date, has approximately around 500000 channels and more than half of them are for free! You basically have unlimited free content to stream!

Now, this is a little bit of an exaggeration, but nonetheless, Roku has hours and hours of free content to stream from.’s channels are mostly free. Even if the channels are priced, the streaming device at least helps viewers have a go at most of the priced channels with a free trial period. There are very few channels that ask for money right away with Roku.

This is not including the private channels, that have a huge part in the Roku Chanel store as well, with just one twist. Unlike other channels, you cannot find the Roku private channels from Roku search. You will have to use Roku secret codes to even find the channel and then have to download and install the channel. To be able to do that, you will first have to know the list of the private channel codes!

Roku Secret Codes

But even if you have the private channel’s Roku secret code, you should know how to activate them in order to use them So, we will take you through how to use the codes, and you can inquire us about the private channels codes via our toll-free number, +1-844-370-7600

How to search for Roku private channels using Roku secret codes?

It is pretty simple. But, if you search using the Roku secret codes, you can very easily identify the Roku private channels and continue to install them. The entire process is pretty similar to downloading any other channel, but only instead of using other keywords, we use Roku secret codes to search for the channel.

And instead of a bunch of channels showing up, you have only the private channel corresponding to this code showing up.

  1. Please select the channel from the search result.
  2. Once you select the channel, the channel is highlighted, and a menu button (…) pops up near the name fo the channel.
  3. Select the option to download the channel from the channel menu.
  4. Once you download the channel, please make sure to let the channel download it’s pending software updates if any.
  5. After the channel installation is completed, then the only thing left is to activate the private channel that was just downloaded using the Roku secret codes.
  6. To activate the channel, please open the channel and when you open it, Roku will throw an activation code on the TV screen.
  7. Please make note of it, and open a browser window with the URL on it.
  8. After you open the URL please enter the activation code that was displayed on the channel screen.
  9. Once you enter the activation code, the channel activation should be completed. Now, you can enjoy your private channel!

Why are these channels private?

The might want the channel to be kept private, for multiple reasons like having geographic boundaries for their content, or if the content that they stream is adult content and they don’t want everybody to access it, or they want to restrict the viewer base due to their own bandwidth limitations. Be it whatever, you can always download a Roku private channel using Roku secret codes.

Please let us know if you need the code for any of the Roku channel list, visit and we will help you with it! +1-844-370-7600 is our toll-free number, and we’re available 24*7!

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