The channel store in Roku holds a lot of secrets than what meets that the eye. Meaning, these channels are open to all channels, and anyone can download the channels, given the fact that they have a Roku account setup.

However, those are not the only channels available on Roku. Roku has an entire set of private channels or the Roku secret channels, and these channels can be downloaded only if you have the appropriate channel code. Another important piece of information is that the channels are not really open for all.

These channels are made private by the service providers, or the content creators, who have made the choice of having their channels private. The possible reasons can be, the channel is restricted by geography, the channel has adult content, and maybe even the fact that they need to make sure the strata that stream their content fits their audience personal.

We will take you through the process of downloading Roku secret channels!

Roku Secret Channels

How to search for these Roku secret channels?

Searching for Roku private channels are nowhere near searching the public channels. The standard search process of other channels is this – you go to the Roku channel store, click on the Roku search bar, and in there you enter the right keyword for the channel you want to download. From there, you go ahead and download the channel.

However, since you are planning to download the Roku secret channels, you cannot do it by entering the keywords on to Roku search bar, since the private channels do not appear on search results. Now, what do we do? Simple!

Yes. Roku has provided each of the private channels with a channel code, and in fact, private or public, each of the channels have their own channel code. Since the public channels can be sought out, you don’t really need their channel codes. If you consider downloading the private channels, you might want to enter the channel codes and the procedure to download the channel then.

How do I know what is the code?

Roku secret channels have a code that you can use to download the channels. You can easily find the code that you have to enter into the search for downloading a particular channel. All you have to do is a little research online, and go through a few Roku related forums! If not, just call us via our toll-free number +1-844-370-7600, and we will help you with the channel code. Once you get the code, go to Roku channel store, and search for the channel using the code.

  1. All you have to do is simply click on the channel, highlight it, click on the menu button and hit download and install.
  2. Once you click that, you will have to wait for the channel to download and install itself, which will take a couple of minutes.
  3. Open the channel once it gets downloaded.
  4. Once you open the channel, you will see an activation code displayed on to the Roku screen, by the Roku secret Channels that you downloaded.
  5. Please enter the same on to the window on a separate browser window.

This will seal the deal, and you will be able to stream the channel, 24*7, from anywhere! If you need the channel codes, please let us know via our toll-free number, and we will help you. Visit

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