Roku Device and Roku Remote

Roku Streaming Devices are specifically designed in a unique way to fulfill every single user’s expectations. From small toddlers to senior citizens, the Roku showcases a curated collection of TV entertainment to people of all ages. You can purchase your own Roku streaming device offline, or online. In accumulation to that, Roku streaming devices come in three different types of TV devices. All three of these TV devices provide unsullied streaming features irrespective of the device models.

Roku device’s cheapest, yet, the smart lineup is known as the Roku Express. The Roku Express offers all TV content at FHD without compromising on any aspects with the collection of channels or quality of streaming.

The other two fairly priced siblings, The Roku Premiere and the Roku Streaming Stick can do 4K UHD streaming with HDR throughout the content streaming. However, all of these devices come in different shapes and sizes. But, these devices have one thing in common, The Roku Remote. In this Roku guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look into resolving the Roku remote pairing issue.

Roku Remote Pairing Issue

Roku Remote Pairing Issue

Roku Remote Pairing Issues – Causes

There are quite a few reasons why your Roku remote won’t pair to your Roku streaming device. Some Roku Remote issues may become minor and other issues might be serious. From dead batteries on the Roku Remote to IR blaster failure, the Roku remote can malfunction on many levels.

Roku Remote – Fixing the Roku Remote Pairing Issue

  • Check if your Roku Remote’s IR blaster has blocked or has any obstruction. Check for the front end of the Roku remote for any potential blockages.
  • Batteries are the main thing you should check on your Roku remote. If it looks puffy, replace it with a new battery for your Roku remote. If it’s old, replace it.
  • Restart your Roku device and your Roku remote after inserting new batteries into the Roku remote.
  • Try re-pairing your Roku remote and your Roku by pressing and holding the button on your Roku remote.
  • Also, check to see if the Roku functions alright with internet connectivity.
  • As a final resort, you can use the Roku mobile app to use your smartphone as your Roku remote control.

By following all the above instructions, you can fix the Roku remote pairing issue in no time.

Roku Remote – Features And How To Use The Roku Voice Commanding Feature?

  • Bring in your Roku remote and tap once on the Mic symbol button located on the Roku remote. This would immediately inaugurate the Roku’s Voice command mode.
  • Now, press and hold the Roku remote’s Mic button and speak your command into the Roku remote and release it when the instructions are done.
  • For more rapid results on your Roku, stick out your Roku remote a few little inches further away from your mouth.
  • You can use the Roku voice commands on the Roku’s home page and ask to play a particular show or movie. Also, you can use it on the Roku Channels Store for navigating in between apps with no issues.

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