Roku is one of the most prolific streaming media players in the industry. They are very secure, in the face of account protection. Meaning, since the account has sensitive information like the channel holder’s name, address or even the bank account, Roku makes sure that the Roku devices will protect your account information at all costs.

However, there is a point that Roku is still improving. Roku Parental Controls, or being able to control who watches what in the Roku device. It is still easy for a minor or a young adult to search and watch unrated or adult-rated content. This can usually be stopped with the help of the feature Roku Parental controls, or parental lock, wherein the parents or the adults would be able to stop people from accessing or downloading or even searching X-rated titles.

While it is true that Roku is still working on it, there are a few alternatives that come alongside the use cases of having a lock. For instance, while you can’t really stop the users from downloading adult treated channels, you can set up a pin that is retried for every channel download.

Roku Parental Controls

How to set up a Roku pin?

The Roku pin that we’re talking about will have to be entered every time you download a channel. This is not confined to a specific user, nor is it confined to a specific channel type. Once configured, everybody using the Roku account will have to enter the pin number to be able to download and install any channel.

While this might seem like going overboard to protect your children from reaching out to malicious content through the Roku parental controls, this is effective against the download attempts.

This is a four-door pin that you will have to enter every time you attempt to download a new channel, and if you aren’t sure of the pin, then you will be denied access to download the channels.

How to stop children from accessing already existing channels?

Unfortunately, this is still not possible with the Roku device. You cannot restrict the channels that can be accessed by individual users in the Roku device.

However, if you own a Roku TV, no matter what the Roku TV is, you can Foley the channels that are being searched accessed and opened, not based on the content type, but based on the reviews that the content has received.

This again, does not solve the problem of young adults accessing the channels that are already downloaded and installed in the Roku profile of yours, but to do that, the maximum you can do, is to simply hide the channel applications from the home screen or the channel list of yours.

To know how to create the PIN, or how to set the review based filter, and how to hide or rearrange channels from your Roku home page, please do call us. We will also be happy to discuss more alternatives to Roku parental controls, and our toll-free number, +1-844-370-7600. Visit for more info.

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