Setup Roku Account Without Credit Card

How to Setup Account With No Credit Card?

Hello. It is no news that Roku is probably one of the best streaming devices of all time. The first reason would be its affordability. Roku has priced its products well under the competitors. They have a streaming device starting at $30, and if that isn’t enough reason, we have other reasons as well.

Talking about other reasons, availability is a good enough reason for anyone who’s looking to buy a streaming device. All we look for in a streaming device is the availability of content. There are plenty of channels in Roku, and most of them are free, in fact. These Roku free channels will require nothing but a account sign in from you, and you are free to stream these free channels. But, can you setup a Roku account with no credit card? No Credit Card

Adding Channels on Roku

There are a few channels that offer a free trial as well, in addition to the already available free channels. It doesn’t matter if you need a channel that is free or a channel that required a subscription after the free trial or a channel that is looking for a subscription right away. The first thing you would need in addition to a Roku device is a no credit card.

The ease of use is another reason why people prefer buying Roku. But a few people are still not as comfortable to share their payment information online, whether it’s Roku or any service provider. And with Roku, it’s a completely valid requirement, because you can basically watch a lot of stuff for free. Now, the device currently doesn’t allow you to register a Roku account in no credit card, but there is an always a way around, isn’t it?

How to Set Up Roku?

Let’s consider the setup procedure. Obviously, one of the two is a Roku device. Roku has a wide range of models of streaming sticks. If you need suggestions on which model would suit your requirement, please ask us and we will let you know what we think. You can call the people at at our toll-free number +1-844-370-7600.

Roku Account Setup Without Credit Card

The second thing you would need is a Roku account. To open a new account, you will have to furnish all the details Roku asks for. The general contact information, and then you would be asked to provide them with the payment information too. Remember, this payment method would be charged every time you make a purchase in your account.

But, this is where you have to choose to pay via PayPal when you attempt surpassing providing ANY payment method. After the setup takes you to the actual PayPal Sign Up page, you can simply close the tab and log in to your Roku account. There, you can activate your account with no credit card.

Once you open a Roku account, log into this account from your TV connected to Roku device. This will trigger a verification code, that will be displayed on your TV screen, and you will have to enter it in the browser screen. This is fairly easy, right? Nevertheless, if you have any doubts regarding the setup of no credit card, visit or please call us in our toll-free number +1-844-370-7600