Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming services. Amazon Prime, till date, has over 200+ original titles, both international and regional ones.

Along with Amazon Prime, you also get to enjoy Amazon Music, so, that’s two things for the price of one. Roku, being one of the, if not the successful streaming devices of all time will let you stream Amazon Prime as well. But, there are chances that your Roku Amazon Prime not working, and there are a few reasons for that. We will take you through the process of how to download and install Amazon Prime on Roku, and how to troubleshoot any of the errors.

Roku Amazon Prime Not Working

How to install Amazon Prime on Roku?

Installing Amazon Prime on Roku is probably a few minute jobs. All you have to do, is a search for Amazon Prime, download and install the channel, and then activate it. To do this, you will need both a Roku account and an Amazon Prime account. If you have both, start following the steps below. If not, please make sure to open an account and then start with the steps. While creating an Amazon account, please make note of the login credentials. One of the main reasons why Roku Amazon Prime not working in most of the cases is simply because they enter the wrong credentials.

  1. To search for Amazon Prime,
  2. Go to Roku channel store and click on the Roku search bar.
  3. In there, enter the right keyword and search for the channel. In this case, Amazon Prime, or any series or program streamed on Amazon Prime can be the keyword.
  4. After you enter the keyword, hit enter.
  5. Roku will now fetch all the channels related to your search and come up with a search result.
  6. Search Amazon Prime, and click on it.
  7. Click on the option to download and install the channel.

The channel will also take its own time to update the software. A lot of Roku’s Amazon Prime “not-working” errors are because the applications are not installed properly. So, do not turn off the device during download.

Activating Amazon Prime

  1. Now that the channel is downloaded and installed, go to your list of channels, and click on Amazon Prime.
  2. Once you open the channel, you will have an activation code pop on the TV screen.
  3. Please make note of the code and enter the same on to a window.
  4. After you enter the same, you will have to login to your Amazon account.
  5. This can be one of the reasons why your Roku Amazon Prime not working.

My Roku Amazon Prime app is not working!

The troubleshoot starts with logging out and logging back in, as said earlier. To test this, please connect your Roku to some other internet connection, and check if your Amazon Prime is working fine. IF this works, then you have to work on your internet connection.

Another troubleshoot is to reinstall the application. You can remove the application from your channel list, and reinstall the channel from Roku channel store.

If you still face issues on your Roku Amazon Prime, and is still not working, visit

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