Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are set of methods that we follow to collect the data or information that we gather from our customers.

As the methods are many to collect the data or information from our customers we always recommend you to choose the compatible methods

Type of data or information we collect

The type of data or information collected from our customers include the name, email ID, credit card details and a lot more

Device information and error reports are also collected and will have information about the device specifications, features and specifications, cause and type of error and a lot more


Rules and regulations that we follow are focused to safeguard the customer information that we collect. It is always good that no data or information will be handed over to the customers without the prior consent of the customers


Cookies are always maintained and will always help to improve web site traffic. Will also help if you want to download any documents from the webpages


Our website authorities are not liable for the threats that arise due to third party authorities. Never encourage or promote misusing the contents published on our webpage

Recommend you to read and understand the terms and conditions, privacy policies before you make use of the service that we offer