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Roku has been doing a great job in offering quality entertainment for all class of audience. Users prefer streaming devices mainly because of the content quality, which is far better than conventional cable subscriptions. Absolutely, sports events have always a whopping set of audience comparing to the normal entertainment shows. Here, on Roku, you can find a number of sports channels from different localities so that your options include worldwide sports coverage. Free choices always enthrall the audience, and the same prevails in channels too. On Roku, amid the paid subscriptions, you can get a number of free sports channel. We will summarize the steps so that you get to know how to watch live sports on Roku free.

how to watch live sports on Roku free

how to watch live sports on Roku free

Available Free Sports Channel on Roku

Following are some of the best free sports channel available on Roku. Subscribe your choice and enjoy the all-time exciting sports entertainment,

NBC Sports Network

  • If you are scouting for a free channel with live coverage of the Premier League, NHL, Formula 1, Kentucky Derby, Notre Dame Football, NFL, NASCAR etc. straightway go with the NBC sports network
  • Don’t miss the rip-roaring live moments and magnificent highlights of the biggest world sports events

Red Bull TV

  • You don’t need to subscribe to those swanky paid channels to watch amusing sports matches
  • Invigorate yourself with the Red Bull TV, which will lift you to the exclusive live sports events
  • Also, red bull offers back stories of players, highlights compilation of various series
  • Get this free channel and get all your sports shows

CBS Sports

  • Going forward with the list of free sports channels, CBS sports is also a good choice to connect with the on-demand live sports streaming
  • Under the CBS sports, you can easily search multiple categories via game wise such as fantasy basketball, baseball or miscellaneous viral highlights

Sports Illustrated

  • This is one of the respected brands in the world, and always coming up with new features to entertain the audience
  • You can find all types of games such as golf, soccer, tennis, college basketball, NFL, NBA, MLB and a lot more
  • Apart from the matches, the channel offers sports news and original stories related to world sports

Watch ESPN

  • As you all know, ESPN is absolutely one of the best free available sports networks
    And even if you are not paying for PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, you are able to get the ESPN for free

How to Watch Live Sports on Roku Free?

  • Go to the Roku channel store and select the sports category to list out the available sports channels
  • In that list, locate any of the above-mentioned channels and enter the channel home menu
  • Click ‘add channel’, get the activation code and enter it on the respective channel activation site
  • You can also locate the channels by accessing the ‘Featured Free’ category

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