Roku is clearly known for the sheer amount of channels available in the Roku channel store. Out of the many channels in the Roku, more than half of the channels are free of cost and a lot of priced channels let you have a free trial as well! So, if you how to add or remove Roku channels, then there is no stopping you from adding these channels on to your Roku account and streaming your favorite content.

Finding channels

To answer the question of how to add or remove Roku channels, you’ll have to know how to search and find the channels that you are looking for. A few of the channels that you are looking for might be indexed as one of the most watched, or top-rated channels in Roku, so it might have been easy. But it is true that Roku has too many channels, and it is going to be difficult to find a channel if you’re just going to wing it.

So, you can go to the Roku search, and use to the remote to enter the name of the channel that you want. You can also search for a channel using the Roku search, by entering marginally related keywords like the show name, cast name or even part of the channel’s name. Once you figure out how to search, the next is obviously to know how to add or remove Roku channels.

How to add or remove Roku channels

How to add Roku channels?

  1. Once you have the channel you want, in the search result, please go ahead and click on the menu button.
  2. On clicking it, you should see a drop down that says Install.
  3. Click on the install button.
  4. After you authorize the installation, your Roku device will start downloading the channel application from the Roku channel store.
  5. Please wait for the download to complete and the installation to be done.
  6. After the installation, please restart the Roku device to make sure the download works.
  7. Please do this only after the download and the installation is complete, and you can see the channel as part of your channel store.

Now that we know part of the answer for the question of how to add or remove Roku channels, we shall look into the other half.

How to remove Roku channels

Please go to your Roku channel list. Locate the channel you want to remove from your Roku. Click and highlight the channel. click on the channel menu. After you see the drop down, please click on the Remove channel. The device will ask you for a confirmation on whether you want to really remove the channel from your Roku account. Now, you know how to add or remove Roku channels

How to activate your Roku channels

It is not complete only to know how to add or remove Roku channels. Even after adding you’ll have to know how to activate the channel that you added to your Roku account. To activate a channel in Roku, you’ll simply have to open the channel after the installation. When you do that, Roku will give you an activation code by displaying it on the screen. Please make note of it and enter it in the Activating a Roku channel might also take a few extra steps, like having to authenticate the purchase through their portal as well, in addition to Roku’s website.

So, we think we’ve told you everything you need to know about adding or removing Roku channels. If you still have questions about adding or removing Roku channels, visit or please let us know via our toll-free number +1-844-370-7600, and our experts will help you resolve the issues you are facing. You can ask them any question related to Roku, and we’ll be here to help!

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