Roku has almost five hundred thousand channels in its channel store! A lot of them, in fact at least half of them are for free. The paid channels are even kind enough to give you a free trial mostly. Only a few channels, in fact, a very few channels have the habit of collecting a fee upfront.

This 500000 is not considering the hoard of private channels available for streaming from the Roku device. But all of these channels will be of little use to you if you didn’t know How to add channels to Roku. So, in this blog, we will take care of explaining to you how to add channels to the Roku account, and what are the pre-requisites.

A very well known prerequisite for installing and adding channels to Roku is to have a Roku account on the first place. Because without a Roku account, you will hardly have an option to even look at the channels that you have. Having said that, if you do not yet have a Roku account, please proceed to create one.

How to Add Channels to Roku

How to search for the channels in Roku?

Before finding out how to add channels to Roku, you must know how to look for the channels that you want from the Roku channel store. Keep in mind that the private channels do not form part of the Roku channel store, and you have to find them out by entering the channel code associated with them, in the developer mode. To get a private channel, please do contact us and we will help you. Our toll-free number is listed below. Now, getting back to the public channels,

  1. To get the channels, go to the channel store.
  2. In there, click on the channels search bar, and enter the right keywords.
  3. The right keywords might be the channel name itself, if you have a particular channel in mind. If not, you can search for genres, movies or series titles or some program telecasted.
  4. The Roku channel search will pick out the most relevant channels and lay them out in front of you in the Roku search result.
  5. From the search result, choose the channel you want to add to your Roku account.

Now for the how to add channels to Roku, you click on the channel and get the channel downloaded and installed in your Roku account. this might take a couple of minutes, depending on the speed of your internet.

Activating the channels on Roku

The next question is how to activate the channels. Now that we know how to add channels to Roku, we will show you the activation process as well. To activate a channel you go to the browser, and enter the activation URL. Once you reach the channel activation URL, you open the Roku device and open the channel you just downloaded.

In there, you will get a Roku activation code. This code will not be generated twice, and will not go off your screen until you activate the channel. So, please enter the code on to your browser window.

Once you do this, the channel gets activated! We hope you found the answer for the question of how to add channels to Roku, and are satisfied with our answer. If you have any queries or suggestions, please let us know via our toll-free number +1-844-370-7600. We’re open 24*7, and we can help you with the channel activation, and the channel installation. Visit to add channels to your Roku account.

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