Roku is a very widely used device, and it is only fair that they return the favor by widening their channel collection. They have been adding a lot of local channels lately, and HeroTalkies is one of the most recent ones. With over 2500+ hours of Tamil movie watch time, HeroTalkies is one of the world’s leading content provider for the regional language Tamil.

These movies are original, and are legal to stream from, and are completely yours. To download HeroTalkies on Roku, you will have to pay a little over $6 a month, and you’ll have all of the movies to yourself.

To get Herotalkies on Roku, you will first have to search channel, then choose to download it and then install it. Finally, you will have to activate the channel from your Roku account to be able to watch all the Tamil movies from HeroTalkies.

herotalkies on roku

How to search HeroTalkies on Roku?

Searching for a channel on Roku should not be as easy, simply considering the sheer number of channels available on the Roku channel store. But the arrangement and the categorical structuring of the channels make it easier for us to skim through and select the channel.

However, there is a far more efficient way of doing this. You can simply use the Roku search bar to find the channel that you are looking for. Now that we are searching for Herotalkies, you can use the Roku channel search, enter the right keywords like the channel’s name, Tamil movies or the name of the movies that you want to watch, and Roku will take care of finding the relevant channels for you.

All you have to do after your search for the channel is to select the right channel from the search result and click on the channel. Once you click on the channel, the channel will be highlighted for you to select the menu button. From the dropdown menu, please choose to download the channel and install it in your Roku account.

Please make sure that your internet connection is intact since the channel download needs the Roku device to be connected to the internet. If your Roku device is connected to wireless internet, please make sure that there are few obstacles between the WiFi router and the distance between the two are well within the range of the WiFi.

How to activate HeroTalkies on Roku?

Go to the Roku store and open the channel that you just downloaded and installed. On opening HeroTalkies on Roku, you will have an activation code displayed on the TV screen. Please take a note of the activation code, hence this is what you will have to enter on to the browser window.

Go to the browser window, and navigate to URL. Once there, please make sure to enter the entire activation code there. This will activate the channel that you just downloaded. You will, however, have to login to the channel with your HeroTalkies account. While opening your HeroTalkies account, you will have to specify two things. please make sure to provide valid information and login to your channel account.

So now that you have sought for the channel, downloaded it and have completed the activation, your job is done and you can simply start streaming the channel right away! If you have any questions with how to search for the channel or how to download the channel, visit or please let us know via our toll-free number and we will help you with it +1-844-370-7600.

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