Go.roku.com/wireless - Roku Wireless Setup and Troubleshooting

Roku is an on-demand streaming service provider and they always focus on customer user experience with their products. You don’t need to rummage with the multiple wire connections and using Ethernet for the internet. Roku has both wired and wireless connection options, where users can select their choice based on their comfort.

A router Wi-Fi is needed to enable the wireless connection, and the internet network must be stable and strong enough to access the contents. The streaming player and the router must be positioned nearby at maximum to avoid the troubles in the connection. Now, learn about the go.roku.com/wireless and to troubleshoot the errors in the wireless connections option.


Troubleshooting Procedures

Initial Network Setup

  • In the Roku streaming player setup process, connect the device to the home network same as like connecting the mobile or computer to the internet
  • Turn on your Roku device, go to the settings option and select the go.roku.com/wireless mode
  • The available internet networks will be available on your TV and navigate through the list using Roku remote
  • Select your choice in the list and enter the password credentials to access the internet network
  • Sometimes, the Roku player cannot detect the available networks
  • In that case, turn off the device and router and start the connection process from the beginning
  • Rescan the available internet networks and select the appropriate option in the available list
  • Using the stable internet is very important in the Roku device setup process
  • In case, if your internet is disconnected during the payment transaction, receiving activation codes, or after Roku account activation, you may face gratuitous hassles and leads to some big issues with the device
  • So always be sure to use the stable internet to feed your Roku

Check your connection

To get relief from the above-mentioned hindrance, you can easily check your strength of internet connection using your own Roku streaming player.

  • In the settings menu, go to the network and tap the ‘check connection’ option to undergo the test
  • In the first part, your device checks the quality of the internet signal with the available home network
  • The second part will check the speed of the available network
  • If it is strong enough to load the contents, then the device won’t suggest any additional guidelines
  • Otherwise, if the signal is poor, on-screen go.roku.com/wireless guidelines will be shown to rectify the errors

connect roku to wifi

Roku Wireless Setup

Troubleshoot the Roku wi-fi problems with go.roku.com/wireless

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roku wont connect to wireless

  • Place your Roku device and router as close as possible to increase the strength of the signal
  • And also, ensure that there are no other objects between the player and router as it may also hamper the connection
  • Orient the router antennas in an appropriate direction to receive the signal
  • If your player or router is fixed in some cabinet-like structures or inside the cabinet, remove them and place it in the open atmosphere
  • If you are using the streaming stick and not getting the internet, try to connect the stick using the free extension cable and place it in some other place to receive the signal
  • Don’t place the TV as a barrier between the Roku player and router device

Troubleshooting other miscellaneous errors

  • Select the correct network name in the available networks
  • In some cases, the user may select the wrong network due to uncertainty with the internet network name
  • Choose the right one to evade from these errors
  • This step is also similar to the before one
  • Entering the wrong password for your network also leads to troubles in the connection
  • So, enter the password with zero error
  • Temporarily disconnect all the other devices connected to your router.
  • Check if the player is able to load the contents or not
  • Try using any other means of internet network for a while to complete go.roku.com/wireless process.
  • If you have another router, use it or test the streaming player connectivity using even mobile internet
  • Restart the Roku player by accessing the settings menu and click the ‘system restart’ option
  • Also, try reconnecting by unplugging all the cables
  • Or simply press the reset button and rescan the available networks

Tips to improve the Roku Wi-Fi Connection

  • First of all, check your internet signal strength
  • To do so, go to ‘Settings’ and then, select ‘Network’
  • Under the tab, you can find whether your signal is Excellent or Average or Poor
  • Instead of keeping the router in the corner of the house, place it in the middle of your house
  • So, the router has an equal distribution of signal
  • Reduce the number of connected devices to utilize the maximum bandwidth
  • Periodically, audit your firmware update and make sure you use the latest version of the software
  • When using a Roku streaming stick, users can use an HDMI extenderto enhance the Roku Wi-Fi connection

For further doubts and queries regarding the go.roku.com/wireless and troubleshooting the wireless connection errors, get help with go.roku.com/selectinput or please reach our team by the toll-free number +1-844-370-7600.