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Roku is one of the best device in the streaming device arena for many reasons. One, for the sheer affordability. Roku sells various models of streaming devices, in different price ranges. Each price range or product range is almost always priced lower than the competitors’ model, but will be fairly equipped in comparison.

Having said that, it is not the only reason people buy Roku for. Roku is also well-known for its simple set up. People don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out Roku. It’s a simple, straight forward three step process, involving In this piece, we’ll take you through the three steps, explain each and answer a few other questions as well.

Step 1 – Physical Roku device setup

There are three requirements here.

  1. The Roku device.
  2. A compatible TV set.
  3. An activate internet connection.

If you have all the three, then the first thing to do is connect all three. You can connect your TV and the Roku device to the same internet connection, regardless of the connection being a wired one or a wireless one. That being said, the actualy steps are a bit easy. Here’s how you connect them.

Roku Setup

First, establish a connection between your Roku device and your TV. Connect the Roku device to the TV via the HDMI port, using the High Speed Roku HDMI cable. It is not advisable to use connectors that aren’t from Roku.

Roku Streaming Stick

If you are owning a Streaming Stick from Roku, then you will not need any HDMI cables. You can directly connect the device to your TV and continue with the setup

HDMI Ports

After you connect the device to the TV, go ahead and turn the TV on. Under the TV settings, go to the input selections and select If you have more than one HDMI ports, then go ahead and select with the serial number.

HDMI Selection

After you’ve furnished the input selection, you will be able to see the Roku screen on your TV. You have another choice of disconnecting the Roku device.

Wireless Internet

Configure your wireless internet under the settings and then go to the network settings. Click on your networks name, enter the right password and connect to your wireless internet.

Wired Internet

If it is a wired internet connection, simply hook the cable up. Your Roku will be connected to the internet. After the connection is established, you can sign in to your Roku account.

Troubleshooting Go.Roku.Com/HDMI related issues

First things first, how do you know you have an issue with your HDMI input selection? You wouldn’t have Roku displayed on your TV screen. The troubleshooting guidelines are given below.

  • Check if the Roku device is connected to the right HDMI port, if there are more than one HDMI ports in the TV.
  • Please remove any hub or HDMI adaptor, and connect the Roku device directly to your TV.
  • Please go through Go.Roku.Com/HDMI and look if there’s anything you’ve missed in the setup process.
  • Check if the Roku device has power, and is power on.
  • If you are not able to get it right, try another HDMI cable, and if it works, please feel free to contact and let your Roku dealer know that the HDMI cable is malfunctioning.
  • Also, try connecting some other device to your TV HDMI port, and make sure the port is working right.

Roku hdmi cable

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