Formula 1 is one of the most famous racing events and it’s widely watched across the world. This sporting event attracts so many views and so many people watch it every year. Formula 1 Racing, has its own streaming service to make it easier for people to watch formula 1 races.

You can download and install this channel from your Roku account. Before that, here’s the schedule for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. You can watch these from anywhere, with the help of Roku.

2019 Formula 1 Schedule

This is the schedule for this year’s Formula 1 races. You can watch all of these matches on Roku, from wherever you are.

Do you have an account to watch Formula 1 2019 on Roku?

If you don’t have a Roku account yet, you will have to open to be able to stream Formula 1 races. So, go to Roku’s home page on a browser window. After you reach their home page, click on sign up for a new account.

On clicking the sign up button, you will have a form to fill. This form is for your basic details, such as your first name and your lost name along with contact information. After you fill these out, click on next. As the next step, you will be asked to fill out a form that’ll ask you for payment information.

Please be aware that this method of payment that you furnish will be used to deduct money from, for any future purchases you make from your Roku account. So, please furnish an active method of payment to complete your Roku account creation.

Formula 1 2019 on Roku

Search, download and install channels to stream Formula 1 2019 on Roku

Roku has an exclusive channel for you to stream Formula 1 Racing from. The channel, unironically, is named Formula 1 racing! You can download the channel’s application from the Roku application store.

To be able to do that, you will have to search for the channel in the Roku channel store first. If you are using a Roku Premiere +, or models higher that, you might as well use the voice command option in your Roku remote to search for the channel. Orelse, you can do that in your Roku mobile application.

If not, simply use your remote and virtual keyboard to enter the keyword in to the search bar. In this case, to watch Formula 1 2019 on Roku, you can use keywords like “Formula 1 race” or “Grand Prix”. After you key in the keywords and hit search, the channel will appear in your search result.

Along with the channel, you will also have other channels like ESPN Sports and other sports channels that will let you stream Formula 1. You can choose to download any of these channels and you will be able to watch the sporting event. One advantage of Roku is that, Roku will let you stream more than half of the channels for free!

Go ahead and download the channel. After the channel application download is complete, please install the channel. Now, open the channel application. If this is the first time opening this account, then you will have to activate the channel from your Roku account to watch Formula 1 2019 on Roku.

2019 Formula 1 Schedule

Activate Formula 1 2019 on Roku

To activate the channel, you have to note the Roku activation code that is displayed on the TV screen when you first open the application. After you make a note of it, please enter the same in a separate browser, in the Roku activation code page. This should activate your Formula 1 2019 race channel on your Roku.

If you have any questions related to this, or if you have trouble watching Formula 1 2019 on Roku, please let us know. We will help you watch the channel in your Roku device. Our toll-free number is +1-844-370-7600, and you can call us any time and let us know the trouble you face with your Roku device. We will walk you through the various troubleshoots for every issue you face with Roku. For more update about Roku, visit

Happy Streaming!

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