Auto sign mode is the new feature available with the latest Roku streaming device models and with the help of this feature multiple users can sign in to the device account and log out automatically. The guest users can now sign in with the account that they have and access the contents that they like.

Auto sign out mode on Roku

Log out automatically

Users need not worry if they forget to log out as the automatic logout or the Auto sign out mode on Roku feature helps to prevent the misuse as the account gets logged out automatically.

If you are a guest user

  • The guests who use this feature can access the contents
  • But will not be able to access the services that you use
  • And the good part is that you will get more privacy here
  • All most all the latest Roku streaming models that arrive in the market today have this feature
  • Most of the customers prefer buying these models
  • Users from a specific location alone can access the feature and include US, Mexico, Latin America and a few other locations

Records the guest activity

  • Your account will not be interrupted and the activity of the guest will be recorded
  • This will be done automatically in their own profiles
  • As the users sign out the feature will prompt them to set the date and time

How to find the auto Sign Out mode on Roku?

  • There are specific settings available on your device to find out the Auto sign out mode on Roku
  • All you need to do is navigate to the settings >system and then, start your search
  • Once you find the feature you can just set it on or off based on your requirements
  • As you go on with setting the feature you can enter the Roku account pin
  • Type the security pin whenever prompted in the required space and you can start using the feature

What if you come across errors using the Auto sign out mode

In case, you come across any errors or find any difficulty using the Auto sign out mode on Roku. we have a few tips and tricks to avoid them;

  • Double check and make sure that you have chosen the valid settings
  • Ensure that you type the secure pin to enable the feature
  • The streaming device model that you use must have this feature
  • Try to reset the device that you use and then begin using the automatic sign out mode again

Use the feature and you need not worry even if you forget to log out from the device or the account that you use. The feature is an added advantage to the guest users as they get an opportunity to access their own account profile. If you wish to know more about the settings for this auto sign out feature, visit or just ring the support number right away +1-844-370-7600 and our agents will be happy to guide you.

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