Roku setup and input selection on go.roku.com/selectinput stage – How to do it?

First things first, you take the device out of its box, and check if you have every accessory. If you are sure that all the parts are there the way they are supposed to be, then you go ahead and establish a connection between Roku and your TV.

HDMI connection

  1. Now, you will have to connect your Roku to your TV
  2. For which, you will have to see your Roku’s screen on your TV and this is where you will have to change inputs
  3. A few TVs on the go.roku.com/selectinput step automatically switch to the active streaming input.

Internet connection

  1. After your Roku screen is active on your TV, go ahead and connect to the internet
  2. This can be a wired or a wireless connection
  3. This is for your next step in your Roku activation.
  4. And you will have to login to your Roku account from the Roku device.

Roku activation

  1. Now you have to activate the Roku.
  2. You can do this by entering the Roku activation code in a separate browser window
  3. You’re all set for streaming. It hardly takes ten minutes, all of this
  4. You can always reach out to us if you face an issue with the setup process

go.roku.com/selectinput – Troubleshoot

Sometimes, the TV screen does not show the Roku’s screen. There might be a few reasons for this, and we will try and explain all of them along with their corresponding remedies.

Your Roku device is not directly connected to your TV

  • This might be one of the reasons why you don’t have Roku displayed on your TV, despite connecting it and selecting the right input
  • You have connected Roku device to your TV via an additional hub, or a connector
  • Roku themselves advocate that it is better to connect Roku directly to your TV and then try go.roku.com/selectinput

Select Roku TV Input

Roku Account

The cable is damaged

  • If you are sure that you did connect the Roku device and then, your TV using a Roku high speed HDMI cable, and you did select HDMI in your go.roku.com/selectinput step, then there might be an issue with the cable’s health
  • You might have to check if the connection works with some other cable, and if it does, you can affirm that the issue is with the cable
  • If you need your Roku cable replaces, and in case, not sure whom to contact, we will help you with it

You have not used Roku’s high-speed HDMI to connect to the TV

  • Even if the connection is perfectly direct, there are chances that the connection established is with an HDMI cable that’s not Roku’s
  • If you did use some other cable to connect Roku and your TV, please remove and connect the gadgets with Roku’s HDMI cable only

You choose the wrong input method at the go.roku.com/selectinput stage

After you connect your Roku device to your TV, you can always change the input method. All you have to do is to go to the TV settings and then, look for a common that says “Input” or “Video” or something similar

  • After you click the options, TVs that automatically scan for sources to stream from will start searching for the source
  • You will have to give your TV a bit time to search for the input and find it in your HDMI port
  • If your TV isn’t automatically detecting the source, you can do it manually too
  • To do it manually, you will have to choose the HDMI port as your input source
  • Check if you have more than one HDMI port, and then, you have go.roku.com/selectinput choices like HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and more
  • Find which one you have connected Roku too, and select that
  • If you need help figuring how your TV menu works and how to select Roku as your source, please call us.

HDMI cable not connected properly

  • If the issue still persists, then there are chances that your HDMI cable is a bit loosely connected to either Roku or to your TV
  • So, it is better to remove the HDMI from both, and then, tucking it in firmly one more time
  • If none of this helps, please connect your Roku device to another TV
  • You can even try switching the HDMI port to which you connect your Roku device to
  • This can help you find what exactly is wrong with the connection
  • If it is the TV’s HDMI cable fault, or is it Roku device’s, or is in go.roku.com/selectinput choice that you made
  • It is important to note that the menu for each TV is different and it is kind of impossible for us to suggest how exactly you do it in every model of TV
  • If you are using a Roku TV, then this stage of go.roku.com/selectinput in Roku setup becomes completely reductant
  • So, the Roku screen is always up, until and unless you change the input


These are a few troubleshoots that you can administer to make sure that the Roku screen shows up on your TV. If you did try everything, and still your screen is blank, we have a few fixes that are not exclusive to not being able to select input;

  1. Check all the wired physical connections between the TV, Roku and then, the internet router
  2. Disconnect all the wires, and let them be for 15 seconds
  3. Now connect the up again with each other
  4. Now try to select input and then, start streaming

If you still experience issues, we’re not sure if it is only because of go.roku.com/selectinput and there are chances that your TV or Roku devices have some other issues. So, we’ll have to take a closer look at both the gadgets. We expect the issue to be one with your go.roku.com/selectinput actions or the device setup.

We can also help you create, modify or sync a Roku account to your device. So, if you are facing issues with having to sync your Roku account to your Roku device, you can always reach out to us.


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